Fantasy Sports Q&A

Answers to 61 frequently asked questions about fantasy sports
Is fantasy football legal?
Yes. Fantasy sports, including fantasy football are legal because they are considered a game of skill. That contrasts betting on sports, which is...  read more
How many weeks are the fantasy football playoffs?
The parameters of fantasy football playoffs aren't standard from league to league. In many instances, they run from Weeks 14-16, with six teams...  read more
When are the fantasy football playoffs?
Typically, the fantasy football playoffs start Week 14, but how it breaks down from there depends on the league. In many instances, they run from...  read more
When does fantasy football start?
Week 1 of each NFL season takes place on the Thursday-Sunday-Monday stretch immediately after Labor Day weekend in September. However, for owners...  read more
How do the fantasy football playoffs work?
The parameters of fantasy football playoffs aren't standard from league to league. In many instances, they run from Weeks 14-16, with six teams...  read more
Who can I use in the defense slot in fantasy football?
The defense slot is meant to be filled by a 'team defense', rather than an individual player. For example, you might start the 'Baltimore Ravens'...  read more
What should I do if one of my key players gets injured in fantasy football?
Assuming there are no IR spots, the primary factors to consider are the severity of an injury and the composition of your bench. The schedule for...  read more
What is streaming in fantasy football?
Streaming is when you add or drop players on a regular basis to fill a particular lineup spot. This is most commonly seen with defenses and...  read more
Can you vote against a trade in fantasy football?
Most leagues will allow fantasy team owners to vote on a trade, with a majority needed in order to veto. However, other leagues will bypass the...  read more
How should you evaluate trades in fantasy basketball?
There is no singular way to determine whether a trade is beneficial or detrimental to your team, but a number of factors should be considered....  read more
What is the waiver wire in fantasy basketball?
The waiver wire refers to the group of players who are not currently signed to a fantasy roster -- essentially, the free agency pool. In most...  read more
What is head-to-head fantasy basketball?
Head-to-head is a scoring system that counts wins and losses for individual team matchups, usually on a weekly basis. It's often very similar to...  read more
Can you run a fantasy basketball draft offline?
Yes. You can do a standard snake or auction draft in person, or even make up your own draft structure. From there, many fantasy websites allow you...  read more
What is streaming in fantasy basketball?
Streaming is a fantasy basketball roster strategy that involves plugging in different players to your roster each week based on their short-term...  read more
What is a fantasy basketball keeper league?
A keeper league is one that enables owners to retain certain players from season to season. How many players can be kept is at the discretion of...  read more
What are waivers in fantasy basketball?
Waivers is a shorthand term related to the fantasy basketball waiver wire. The waiver wire is where players who have been cut from one team can be...  read more
What are fantasy basketball auction values?
Auction values are used in fantasy basketball leagues that employ a player auction, rather than a more traditional draft. Prior to the season, a...  read more
How are fantasy basketball points calculated?
The NBA's standard fantasy points scoring system dictates: Points = 1.0 fantasy point Rebounds = 1.2 fantasy points Assists = 1.5 fantasy points...  read more
Which fantasy basketball site is best?
There are a myriad of different sites, with each having positives and negatives. There is no universal best site for everybody. You should check...  read more
Can you play fantasy basketball for free?
The vast majority of websites that offer season-long fantasy basketball do so without a fee or prizes. However, most websites that offer daily...  read more
What are some good draft strategies for fantasy basketball?'s Fantasy Basketball Strategy Guide provides information on how to prepare for both standard drafts and auction drafts.  read more
What is stashing in fantasy basketball?
Stashing refers to the practice of adding a player to your team with the intent of holding them for the future. Injured players, rookies, and...  read more
What are some good tips for fantasy basketball beginners?
Everything you need to know about fantasy basketball can be found in's Fantasy Basketball Strategy Guide .  read more
Where can I read fantasy basketball articles?
The best place to find fantasy basketball content, tools, and analysis is  read more
When are the fantasy basketball playoffs?
The fantasy basketball playoffs typically begin with roughly one month remaining in the NBA season. However, the playoff start date is arbitrary...  read more
What is a sell high in fantasy basketball?
"Sell high" is a term used to describe a player who is outperforming expectations and could therefore be traded at the peak of his value. In...  read more
What is a bust in fantasy basketball?
"Bust" is a term used to refer to a player who falls well short of expectations. Typically, a bust's production is significantly lower than his...  read more
What is a buy low in fantasy basketball?
Buy low is a term used to describe a player who is acquired when his value is at a low point. For example, a player could be deemed "buy low" if...  read more
How do you win at fantasy basketball?
Succeeding at fantasy basketball requires a combination of elements. First, it's important to prepare for your draft and come away with a strong...  read more
How do you decide who to start in fantasy basketball?
It depends on your league's settings. If you're playing in a league with weekly lineups, be sure to check how many games each player on your roster...  read more
What does a commissioner do in a fantasy basketball league?
The commissioner of a fantasy basketball league is tasked with organizing the league and ensuring that things run smoothly. Oftentimes, it's the...  read more
What is a lineup optimizer in fantasy basketball?
A lineup optimizer is a tool that uses data and projections to construct a fantasy lineup that has the best chance to succeed. Lineup optimizers...  read more
What is UTIL in fantasy basketball?
UTIL is an abbreviation for "Utility". In fantasy basketball, UTIL refers to a roster spot that can be filled by a player of any position. Most...  read more
What is a cheat sheet in fantasy basketball?
A cheat sheet is a tool used during the draft process to aid in team-building. Oftentimes, cheat sheets are structured as a ranking of the top...  read more
Can bench players score points in fantasy basketball?
Typically, no. Most fantasy leagues require you to set a lineup, and only the players in that lineup accrue points for a given day or a given week....  read more
What does punting mean in fantasy basketball?
Punting is a roster construction strategy that involves intentionally ignoring a certain statistical category or categories. Punting is rooted in...  read more
What is ADP in fantasy basketball?
ADP is an acronym that means "Average Draft Position". It refers to the place at which a player is being drafted, on average, in drafts that have...  read more
What is the IR spot in fantasy basketball?
The IR spot is the Injured Reserve designation employed by some fantasy basketball leagues. In leagues where an IR spot is enabled, owners can give...  read more
What is a sleeper in fantasy basketball?
A sleeper is a term used to describe players who are generally undervalued but carry significant upside. In fantasy basketball, for example, a...  read more
When does fantasy basketball start?
Fantasy basketball typically follows the NBA schedule. Most season-long leagues begin on the first day of the NBA regular season, with drafts...  read more
Can you play fantasy basketball for money?
Yes, fantasy basketball can be played for money or just for fun. In leagues where money is involved, each member typically pays a fee at the start...  read more
What is a back to back in fantasy basketball?
A back to back refers to a team playing games on consecutive days. For example, if the Golden State Warriors play the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday...  read more
Can you vote against a trade in fantasy basketball?
It depends on your league's settings, but oftentimes the commissioner will allow league members to veto trades deemed lopsided or otherwise unfair....  read more
What are some popular advanced stats in fantasy basketball?
Most fantasy basketball leagues use traditional stats as scoring categories, but advanced stats can be useful for research purposes. Some popular...  read more
What does usage rate mean in fantasy basketball?
Usage rate is a estimate of the number of team possessions used by a player while he is on the floor. It takes into account field goal attempts,...  read more
When is the trade deadline in fantasy basketball?
The trade deadline is an arbitrary date set by the commissioner after which no trades can be made.  read more
What are projections in fantasy basketball?
Broadly, projections refer to statistical predictions made by experts. In season-long fantasy basketball leagues, projections are often released in...  read more
What is an outlook in fantasy basketball?
An outlook is a summary of what to expect from a given player in the coming season. Outlooks typically offer a brief recap of the previous season,...  read more
What is lineup lock in fantasy basketball?
Lineup lock typically refers to a set time at which all fantasy lineups in a given league or contest must be submitted. In season-long fantasy...  read more
Where can I track fantasy basketball injuries?
The best place to track fantasy basketball injury news is RotoWire's Injury News page. Sortable by teams, players, or recency, the page displays a...  read more
What does GTD mean in fantasy basketball?
In fantasy basketball, GTD is an acronym that means "Game Time Decision". It refers to a player's potential availability for a given game or...  read more
What does GTD mean in fantasy basketball?
In fantasy basketball, GTD is an acronym that means "Game Time Decision". It refers to a player's potential availability for a given game or...  read more
What is a mock draft in fantasy basketball?
A mock draft is a simulated draft typically used to prepare for a real fantasy draft. Mock drafts are intended to allow owners to gauge player...  read more
How do you play fantasy basketball? provides a comprehensive guide detailing the process of playing fantasy basketball.  read more
What are lines in fantasy hockey?
The groupings of players an NHL team deploys at forward.  read more
What are auction values in fantasy hockey?
The suggested price you should be willing to pay for a player during a fantasy hockey auction draft.  read more
Can you run a fantasy baseball draft offline?
You can do a fantasy baseball draft offline and then the commissioner can input the results to the host website.  read more
Can you vote against a trade in fantasy baseball?
It depends on your league rules. If a trade needs to be vetoed, that's generally a good sign that you should try to find a better league to be in....  read more
What are some popular advanced stats in fantasy baseball?
The stats that are used in fantasy baseball scoring are typically pretty basic (HR, R, RBI, etc..) but the stats that can be used for fantasy...  read more
Which fantasy baseball site is best?
NFBC is the best site for single-season leagues and Fantrax is the best site for dynasty leagues.  read more
Can you play fantasy baseball by yourself?
You can enter a season-long league and compete against total strangers for money on sites like NFBC and Fantrax. You can also play MLB DFS against...  read more